Michigan Rx Card Testimonials

I do not have any prescription coverage and I went to fill one of my many prescriptions for a 3 month supply. I was paying for the prescription and the total was $98. I could not get the medication because I didn't have that much, so I asked them to run the Michigan Rx Card that I just printed the day before. That brought the total down to $17.99 and I couldn't believe it! I could actually get my prescription filled on time. I now have to refill two more rxs and am not dreading going to the pharmacy because I know I will be saving now. Thank you so much!

Rachel B.
Detroit, MI

I'm cutting pills in half just to stretch them out and get some rather than nothing on a daily basis. But I wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks for responding to my message with info on the program. Sometimes a person really wonders if there is someone on the other end of the e-mail sent and I guess you very much proved that there is. So thanks again!

Kimberly R.
Millington, MI